Rich Cashin? That's brilliant, one you just couldn't make up! It's been a tough week so a little hallows humour goes a long way.

You were quite positive on TEP recently, what changed your mind - was it the lack of a step up on the recent update or simply the refocus on doublers?

There's a good article by Ed Croft in Stocko yesterday concerning limiting losses, and with interesting debate in the comments section:


I don't mind personally buying AIM but won't buy micro cap and as with all holdings there has to little or no debt, and there must be a decent progressing dividend (or one to be introduced imminently), and the spread must be tight among a plethora of other requirements!

Thanks for the macro analysis, very interesting and chines with other chartists. Going to hunker down in the bunker with my Avon helmet on...

[I hold TEP]

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