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What a difference a week makes! In reply I want to say "shy bairns get nowt", that sums up your concentration in a few stocks and full investment, (take it as a complement).

Personally I'm missing the falling prices already! My failing is freezing in the headlights of momentum because I'm willing a price to go down a few more pence. I've not been sitting in cash but gently buying on the way down when I've had the conviction. I have however been keeping a 20% cash buffer in recent months and this week halved that buying (finally) into MKS and a deep value high divi crafty oiler, and doing some topping up, the only one I messed up while I prevaricated was SHOE but there's still time. I don't like to be completely spent up, and rarely am because I'm able to add cash each month but I'll likely deploy half the remaining cash this next week. I'm still not convinced we've bottomed but this week feels like a sea change.

I'm very interested in your comments today because I know how much better off I'd have been had, for example, I bought the oil stock two weeks sooner and that's true in some other cases as well. In the case of MKS I'm 18 months late to the party but still see the potential and divi looming (and have turned a blind eye to their Christmas advertising troubles (although all news is good news), and it's amazing how many businesses get in trouble over Christmas ads!)

Other interesting output in retail this last week, NXT and SBRY, good to read up on for read across of the macro picture, and as examples of quality, but they're not likely to double quickly!

I was in my local CARD recently and talking with the manager who waxed lyrically about the refit, 16% increase in unit sale value and easier access round the store for Mum's and the less mobile. Hopefully that bodes well.


Happy hunting. Thanks for all the educational insights.


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Thanks for the info re CARD, good to hear! It never gets easier buying in. I learned a lttle while back for me to just buy in, the pain of buying late is greater than that of buying too early for me. Consumer cyclicals tend to do well wnem markets bottom so perhaps CARD is in the right place at the right time! When you don't catch the bottom there's usually many more in the same situation imo.

Good luck

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Remember a week ago when everything looked terrible? How quickly things can change and a good reminder of why it's important to keep up with routines. How long will this move last? No one knows, so follow price and manage your Risk. I thoroughly enjoy reading your weekend posts.

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Thank you Noel, the past few weeks have felt like peak gloom, good friends who invest saying they felt like selling up. It is always the same, when the hardened infvestors feel like selling there's few left to sell imo. Enjoy the coming weeks, months or hopefully years, depending how long it lasts!

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