Thanks Stu. Yes, I think TM17 is a bit illiquid so expect a bit of volatity but definitely look good value and a sector that punters have been cool on. perhaps changing too. I suspect too that MKS is likely oversold as punters have been getting out of retail on recent weakness in the service sector but MKS have a lot of self help they can do still.

MKS are on TV this week - how they got back to the top, which should be interesting. Weds I think.

All the best


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Thanks Richard for another great read. I dipped in to team 17 this week as it seems valued far too low. Fingers crossed for more upside over the year. Could be a good punt. Like what you said about MKS trading range. I sold on last results too. Fingers crossed for a ftse breakout this year.

Take care,

Stu Stone

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Yet again, a great update and enjoyable as well as informative read. thank you and have a good weekend.

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Thanks as always for the review

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